Bronson has never been quite the same since the deaths of Henry and Rilla and the closing of White's Grocery. The community and its families and children benefited greatly from their presence. Henry and Rilla were widely known for their commitment to their family, their church, and the youth of their community. From their union, the Foundation has received a legacy of dedication, persistence and partnership. It was in their memory that the Henry and Rilla White Youth Foundation was established in 1988.

The purpose of the Foundation, as stated in its Articles of Incorporation, is to serve the troubled individuals of Florida. The Foundation is committed to providing a range of services to delinquent and youth and their families. It also provides mental health services to adults who are suffering from mental illness. The primary aim of all Foundation programs is to provide comprehensive and integrated services to youth, adults and their families.

The Foundation recognizes that the success of its programs is attributed to the cooperative relationship which exists with its public and private partners. The central goal of each program is to assist individuals in the acquisition and enhancement of social, academic and vocational skills necessary to thrive as productive and law abiding citizens in their home community. It is the Foundation's position that individuals thrive and develop their maximum potential in an environment shaped by caring, consistency, respect, and clearly defined limits and expectations.

As with Henry and Rilla, our reputation is based on our commitment to the highest standards of service. In their honor, the Foundation constantly strives to serve the customer better by monitoring feedback from our program evaluations and customer satisfaction surveys, by continuing to improve our services to youth, adults and families, by anticipating the changing needs of our customers, and by taking a leadership role in developing innovative programs.

Together, in partnership with our customers, we are ever seeking new ways of providing a comprehensive range of quality, family-based services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and the individuals we serve. To the Foundation's leadership team quality means constantly striving for the best and gearing ourselves to the unexpected. Quality is what we invest in:our time, our money, and our energy. Quality is meaningless unless it presents value for the individuals to whom our services are directed. In our endeavors, we strive to place these individuals center stage.